ECE Forums

Following on from their success during the London (2012) and Stockholm (2014) ECEs, the innovative and popular ECE Forums will once again form part of the programme for the Prague ECE. They are designed to be sessions in which selected topics can be explored and discussed in an iformal workshop or clubroom style. The topics have been selected from proposals made by ILAE members worldwide and generally focus on cutting-edge or controversial aspects of epilepsy work, not least including discussions on new or planned projects of general interest.

The ECE Forums are intended to be creative and interactive, and are open free of charge to all participants of the congress.

SUNDAY 11.09.2016

Time: 16:30 – 18:00

Room: Panorama Hall

Title: Contribution of epileptic sources to scalp EEG and MEG signals

Chair: Louis Maillard (France)

Speakers: Serge Vulliemoz (Switzerland), Laurent Koessler (France), Georgia Ramantani (Switzerland)


TUESDAY 13.09.2016

Time: 18:00 – 19:30

Room: Forum Hall

Title: Novel predictive biomarkers of epileptogenesis and therapy response: bedside to bench-and back

Co-Chairs: Stéphane Auvin (France), Lieven Lagae (Belgium)

Speakers: Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere (Belgium), Lauren Walker (United Kingdom), Teresa Ravizza (Italy), Lieven Lagae (Belgium) 


Room: South Hall

Title: Treatment Adherence in Epilepsy: An undervalued subject

Co-Chairs: Antonio Martins da Silva (Portugal), Emilio Perucca (Italy)

Speakers: Emilio Perucca (Italy), Torbjörn Tomson (Sweden), Vanessa Cooper (United Kingdom)


Room: Meeting Hall I

Title: Horizons for Dravet Syndrome: Update

Co-Chairs: Tiziana Granata (Italy), Bernardo Dalla Bernardina (Italy)

Roundtable Discussants: Renzo Guerrini (Italy), Rima Nabbout (France), Massimo Mantegazza (France), Helen Cross (United Kingdom), Ana Mingorance-Le Meur (Spain), Catherine Chiron (France)


WEDNESDAY 14.09.2016

Time: 18:15 – 19:45

Room: Forum Hall

Title: Epilepsy management in countries with limited resources – current state and future perspectives

Co-Chairs: Silvio Basic (Croatia), Alla Guekht (Russian Federation)

Speakers: Joanna Jedrzejczak (Poland), Eugen Trinka (Austria), Silvio Basic (Croatia), Darko Chudy (Croatia)


Room: South Hall


Chair: Igor Ravnik (Slovenia)

Roundtable Discussants: Stéphane Auvin (France), David Gosar (Slovenia), Petra Musek (Slovenia), Vesna Krkoč (Slovenia), Daša Kocjančič (Slovenia), Ljubica Vrba (Slovenia), Latica Friedrich (Croatia), Gal Granda (Slovenia), Reetta Kälviäinen (Finland)


Room: Meeting Hall I

Title: What is SHE (Sleep-related Hypermotor Epilepsy). Epileptologists meet sleep experts

Co-Chairs: Paolo Tinuper (Italy), Andreas Schulze-Bonhage (Germany)

Speakers: Francesca Bisulli (Italy), Philippe Kahane (France), Ingrid Scheffer (Australia)


THURSDAY 15.09.2016

Time: 07:30 – 09:00

Room: Forum Hall

Title: Déjá vu phenomenon – physiologic or pathologic?

Co-Chairs: Antonio Gambardella (Italy), Milan Brázdil (Czech Republic)

Speakers: Milan Brázdil (Czech Republic), Adam Zeman (United Kingdom), Angelo Labate (Italy)


Room: South Hall

Title: Increasing Participation in Clinical Research in Epilepsy

Co-Chairs: Phil Smith (United Kingdom), Merab Kokaia (Sweden)

Workshop Discussants: Peter Bergin (New Zealand), Ettore Beghi (Italy), Jeremy Jost (France), Tony Marson (United Kingdom)


Room: Meeting Hall I

Title: Young investigators forum – Neurovascular alterations in epilepsy

Co-Chairs: Erwin van Vliet (Netherlands), Nicola Marchi (United States)

Speakers: Teresa Ravizza (Italy), Xavier Ekolle Ndode Ekane (Finland), Nicola Marchi (United States), Erwin van Vliet (Netherlands), Guy Bar-Klein (Israel)


Time:  09:00 – 10:30

Room: Forum Hall

Title: Large scale brain networks in epilepsy

Co-Chairs: Maxime Guye (France), Serge Vulliemoz (Switzerland)

Speakers: Mark Richardson (United Kingdom),  Ivan Rektor (Czech Republic), Maxime Guye (France)


Room: South Hall

Title: Understanding epilepsy through glia

Co-Chairs: Christian Steinhäuser (Germany), Pavel Mares (Czech Republic)

Speakers: Peter Bedner (Germany), Etienne Audinat (France), Kjell Heuser (Norway), Marco de Curtis (Italy), Rita Garbelli (Italy), Frank Kirchhoff (Germany), Giorgio Carmignoto (Italy)


Room: Meeting Hall I

Title:  Epileptic encephalopathies: old and new treatment strategies

Co-Chairs: Federico Vigevano (Italy), Petia Dimova (Bulgaria)

Speakers: Nicola Specchio (Italy), Federico Vigevano (Italy), Stéphane Auvin (France), Petia Dimova (Bulgaria)


Time: 11:00 – 12:30

Room: Forum Hall

Title: Taking a fresh look at excitation / inhibition (im)balance and its role in seizure generation. A pro and contra debate.

Co-Chairs: Rüdiger Köhling (Germany), Massimo Avoli (Canada)

Speakers: Marco de Curtis (Italy), Gilles Huberfeld (France), Andrew Trevelyan (United Kingdom) Massimo Avoli (Canada)


Room: South Hall

Title: Social cognition in epilepsy patients

Co-Chairs: Hrvoje Hecimovic (Croatia), Petr Marusic (Czech Republic)

Speakers: Bettina Steiger (Switzerland), Stefano Meletti (Italy), Jana Amlerova (Czech Republic), Hrvoje Hecimovic (Croatia)


Room: Meeting Hall I

Title: “Epilepsy is more than seizures”: Psychiatric disorders in epileptic encephalopathies, an underdiagnosed condition

Co-Chairs: Rima Nabbout (France), Nicola Specchio (Italy)

Speakers: Lisa Ouss (France), Nicola Specchio (Italy), Elisabeth Thiele (United States)