Special Symposia

Chairs Symposium

Pharmaco-resistant epilepsy from bench to seizure control

Monday 12 September 9:00 - 11:00

Co-Chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel), Milan Brázdil (Czech Republic)

Phenotyping of refractory adult patients with epilepsy: where does it help? – Adult – Simon Shorvon (UK)

Phenotyping of refractory paediatric patients with epilepsy: where does it help? - Sameer Zuberi (United Kingdom)

Preclinical models for pharmaco-resistant epilepsies – Hana Kubova (Czech Republic)

New antiepileptic drugs with potential for therapy-resistant epilepsy - Michael Rogawski (USA)

Are there future therapies in pharmaco-resistant epilepsies beyond antiepileptic drugs? - Kristel Vonck (Belgium)


Neurobiology Symposium

Learning about focal ictogenesis from patients (and animal models)

Sunday 11 September 14:30 - 16:00

Co-Chairs: Marco de Curtis (Italy), Premysl Jiruska (Czech Republic)

Unit activity in human focal seizures - Wilson Truccolo (USA)

Synchronization in human focal seizures - Kaspar Schindler (Switzerland)

Onset, progression and termination of a focal seizure - Marco de Curtis (Italy)

Interictal and ictal HFOs - Julia Jacobs (Germany)


The Michael Debate: Remission and epilepsy

Sunday 11 September 16:30 - 18:00

Co-Chairs: Peter Wolf (Denmark), Vladimir Donáth (Slovakia)

Introduction into remission in epilepsy - Peter Wolf (Denmark)

Remission in benign childhood epilepsies – Helen Cross (United Kingdom)

Remission in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy - Betül Baykan (Turkey)


CEA – EAN (European Academy of Neurology) Symposium

Wednesday 14 September 14:30 - 16:00

Co-Chairs: Christoph Baumgartner (Austria), Kristl Vonck (Belgium)

20 Years of Vagal Nerve Stimulation - What have we achieved - Paul Boon (Belgium)

Basic biophysical principles of neurostimulation - Wytse Wadman (Netherlands)

Non invasive Neurostimulation - Christoph Baumgartner (Austria)

Neurostimulation – What have we achieved and where should we go? - Andreas Schulze-Bonhage (Germany)


Symposium of Excellence in Epileptology

Wednesday 14 September 14:30 - 16:30

Co-Chairs: Meir Bialer (Israel), Martin Brodie (United Kingdom)

Why is immature brain prone to seizures? - Pavel Mares (Czech Republic)

The spectrum of Benign Infantile Seizures - Federico Vigevano (Italy)

Fast oscillations and fast imaging – new ways of understanding epileptic networks - Julia Jacobs (Germany)

Epileptic Encephalopathies: clues for future diagnosis and management - Nicola Specchio (Italy)

Anatomo-electro-clinical reasoning in epilepsy surgery

The 2016 Epileptic Disorders-ILAE Educational Award - Ioana Mindruta (Romania)


CEA-EMA (European Medicines Agency) Symposium

From clinical trials to clinical practice: What kind of evidence do we need?

Monday 12 September 11:30 - 13:00

Co-Chairs: Jacqueline French (United States), Manuel Haas (United Kingdom)

Development of Anti-epileptic Drugs for Young Children - Alexis Arzimanoglou (France)

Shortening Placebo Exposure in Anti-epileptic Drug Trials - Emilia Bagiella (United States)

Treatments for Acute Seizures and Status Epilepticus - Eugen Trinka (Austria)