Teaching courses


Epileptology in the ICU

8:00 - 12:30

Co-Chairs: Andrea Rossetti (Switzerland), Eugen Trinka (Austria)

Definition, classification, and incidence of status epilepticus - Eugen Trinka (Austria)

EEG features and differential diagnosis of status epilepticus - Vincent Navarro (France)

Treatment of status epilepticus – Felix Rosenow (France)

Clinical neurophysiology for the prognosis of postanoxic coma – Andrea Rossetti (Switzerland)

The ACNS EEG nomenclature: usefulness and limits – Nicolas Gaspard (Belgium)


Pharmacological aspects of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs)

10:30 - 12:30

Co-Chairs: Svein Johannessen (Norway), Hana Kubova (Czech Republic)

What is the best mechanism of action for optimal response and tolerability? – Hana Kubova (Czech Republic)

Can we hope for newer and better antiepileptic drugs? – Meir Bialer (Israel)

Is pharmacokinetic variability of clinical importance? - Cecilie Johannessen Landmark (Norway)

Can pharmacokinetic variability be controlled for patients´ benefit? – Svein Johannessen (Norway)


EEG Technicians course

8:00 - 10:00

Co-Chairs: Jana Zarubova (Czech Republic), Christian Skaarup (Denmark)

Activation methods during EEG – benefits, risks – Irena Dole┼żalová (Czech Republic), Petr Zlonicky (Czech Republic)

Safety in epeilepsy monitoring unit and role of techinicians – Gudrun Kalss (Austria)

Artifacts – tips and tricks to avoid them - Christian Skaarup (Denmark)

Ambulatory electroencephalography and home video-EEG monitoring – Sushma Goyal (United Kingdom)