Metro (Subway)

The Prague subway is fast, efficient, clean and easy to use. Its three lines consist of about 60 km of tracks running mostly underground, and 57 stations.

The three lines of the Prague metro currently are:
Line A (Green) runs east to west from Depo Hostivař to Dejvická and has 13 stations. 

Line B (Yellow) runs east to west from Černý most to Zličín and has 24 stations.

Line C (Red) runs north to south from Letňany to Háje and has 20 stations.

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Trains arrive in 1-3 min. intervals during the peak hours of the morning and afternoon commute and in 4-10 min. intervals in the off hours.
All stations are equipped with escalators and about two thirds of all metro stations allow access for the disabled.

Useful dictionary
eskalátor - escalator
linka (A, B, C) - line (A, B, C)
metro - subway
přestup - transfer
stanice metra - subway station
trasa - route
vstup - entrance
výstup - exit

Placený prostor, označte si jízdenku - Paid area, validate your ticket